APS Continuous Processing Seminar

09th June 2011

Continuous processing has long been applied successfully in all the chemical/material processing industries such as chemical, petroleum, food, plastics etc. Pharmaceutical manufacturing has been dominated by batch processing concept, where each unit dosage form is identified by a batch and tracked accordingly. Over the last decade, many successful efforts have been reported within pharmaceutical manufacturing involving continuous processing. While drug substance manufacturing has led the way in implementing continuous processing, there is considerable effort being carried out in drug product manufacturing. Continuous processing technologies provide a path forward for the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the cost of manufacturing, with the objective to convert selected unit operations and processes from batch to continuous mode along with appropriate real time characterization using state of the art process analytical technologies.

Steve Boswell, Director and Co-Owner of S3 Process. will be presenting Continuous Dry Granulation and continuous integration, featuring Gerteis® Roller Compaction technology.

James Gilmour, Colorcon, will be presenting Continuous Tablet Coating, featuring the O'Hara Fastcoat™ Continuous Coater.

Continuous Pharmaceutical Processing Agenda

09.00 - Coffee and Registration

10.00 - Opening Remarks

10.10 - Quality and Regulatory Aspects of CP

  • David Rudd, GSK

10.55 - Dry Processing Scale-Up

  • Steve Boswell, S3 Process

11.40 - Dry Processing Design Space and Control Strategy

  • Gavin Reynolds, AstraZeneca

12.30 - Lunch

13.30 - Residence Time Distribution and Axial Mixing through the Continuous Twin Screw Granulators

  • Andy Ingham, University of Birmingham

14.15 - Wet Processing using Continuous Granulators

  • Simon Bamber, GSK

15.00 - Continuous Tablet Coating

  • James Gilmour, Colorcon

15.45 - Final Remarks and Survey