S3 Process at Total Process Exhibition

4th - 6th of June 2012

S3 Process Exhibition stand at Total Process Exhibition

Zoatec BG10 Mixers & Homogenisers

Zoatec manufacture the highest quality Mixers and Homogenisers for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, cosmetics and food processing industries.  

With highly knowledgeable people with years of experience in mixing, dispersing & homogenising, Zoatec are fast building a reputation for sound process understanding, state-of-the-art engineering and the highest build quality.  Zoatec’s Mixing & Homogenising Systems are used by leading pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies around the world.

On display at the S3 Process stand will be Zoatec's BG10.  The BG10 is Zoatecs R&D size mixer and homogeniser, designed to be easily transported within a research facility, with simple connections of utilities.  It is directly scaleable to larger BG units, and includes all of the design benefits of the larger BG range of mixer homogensiers, delivering a consistent high quality product, and being simple and easy to operate and clean.

Frewitt OscilloWitt Oscillating Mill

Frewitt is widely regarded as the world’s leading mill manufacturer and their extensive product range includes De-lumpers and Crushers, Oscillating Mills, Conical Mills, Hammer Mills and Rotary Sifters. 

On show will be Frewitt's latest oscillating sieve mill, the OSCILLOWITT, which builds upon the succesful design of the market leading MF oscillating mill ranges.  Whilst the milling principles remain the same as the MF range, the OscilloWitt has additional features such a full rotation of the rotar, wider milling parameters, and is easier to set and to clean.

Gerteis Roller Compactor with Hicoflex Flexible Containment Material Handling

Gerteis® manufacture advanced high quality roller compactor dry granulators and have set the standard with their unique dry granulation technology. Their understanding of the dry granulation process combined with patented roller compaction systems make Gerteis® the technology leaders in the field of dry granulation.

The MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS R&D roller compactor combines Gerteis’ technologically advanced roller compaction technology and the compact design of the MINI-POLYGRAN®, with a fully integrated granulation mill. 

With many of the unique roller compactor technologies of the PACTOR® range included, the MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS offers an outstanding opportunity to successfully develop dry granulation formulas with excellent dry granulation results assured.  With a capacity of 10g up to 40 kg per hour, the MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS is the essential dry granulation development roller compactor.

We will be running live demonstrations to produce granules on the stand.  The powder feed and granule collection will be from the Hicoflex flexable containment system. The Hicoflex® disposable containment technology has been designed to provide a high contained docking system between a product handling bag and the process. The system is simple, effective and provides a safe working environment with minimal investment.

ConsiGma 1 Continuous Wet Granulation and Dryer

The CONSIGMA Continuous Tableting Lines are revolutionising the way the pahramaceutical industry is approaching its development and product of tablets.  Significant savings are available in research time and in valuable APIs during inital formaulation develpoment work, with no scale-up time dramatically reducing time to market and with the small footprint and real time release offering huge savings in manufacturing, it is easy to see why the pharmaceutical industry is embracing the ConsiGma technology.

We are very excited to have a ConsiGma 1 on our stand.  The ConsiGma™-1 is capable of running batches of a couple of hundred grams up to 5 kg. With the fast processing times, minimal retention times and flexibility of the system, it is ideal for developing the formula and process parameters using Design of Experiments. The process parameters developed with ConsiGma™-1 can be directly transferred to the full ConsiGma™ system. The system is designed for fast and easy deployment in R&D labs.

OHara LabCoat M

O’Hara is recognised on the global tablet coating market as a leading manufacturer of advanced tablet coating systems.  We will be exhibiting OHara's LABCOAT M laboratory scale tablet coater.  The 'Labcoat' tablet coater product line is a series of multi-pan laboratory tablet coating systems with interchangeable pans.  A quick disconnect allows the drum to be changed in minutes, without tools.  Anti-bearding spray guns significantly decrease clogging, allowing little or no operator intervention during the coating process, improving containment and decreasing the downtime. The PCA nozzle arm and air plenums of the tablet coater are designed to direct the airflow through the tablet bed with virtually no overspray. The Air-Handling Unit is self contained and intergated within the tablet coater.

The 'Labcoat' tablet coating systems are equipped with self-programming automated controls. The operating panel is a fully enclosed light touch film interface, for reliable operations. User-friendly controls require minimum operator training. Many process recipes can be memorized by the system; all of the tablet coating process parameters can be recorded and printed.

Notter Tablet Press Tooling

Notter are Germany's number one supplier of tableting tooling, and we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Notter and to launch their high quality precision tooling into the UK market at the Total Process Show.

Notter have perfected highly accurate machining, which has allowed them to become the worlds only supplier on Monobloc multi-tip tooling.  These unique tablet tools allow for a huge increase in tableting output, without any of the disadvantages that come with assembled multi-tips such as premature wear and damage, and prolonged set-up times.  

Notter have also developed highly advanced inhouse coating techniques with innovative anti-stick and anti-wear coatings, and have developed hardening techniques which extend the life of the tools significantly over their competitors.

A wide range of Notters tooling will be on display, including their monobloc multi-tip tools and coatings.

Mueller Drum Handling

Mūller® are synonymous with high quality stainless steel drums, containers and materials handling systems. The name ‘Mūller® Drums' is instantly recognisable within the pharmaceutical, food and other hygienic process industries.

A large variety of lidded stainless steel drums, together with stainless steel drum cones, stainless steel bottles, stainless steel cans will be available on the stand.

Vacuum Drying Oven from Pink

PiNK® are manufacturers of exceptionally high quality vacuum drying ovens and rotary vacuum dryers.  Built to individual customer requirements, their range of vacuum dryers enjoy an outstanding reputation in the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing arena. Their premium VSD vacuum dryer range combines innovative design, engineering excellence and the highest manufacturing expertise to produce the unrivalled quality and the most productive vacuum tray dryer available on the market.

We will be showing the VSD-e, a compact, high-grade laboratory vacuum drying oven designed to provide users in science, research and development with a productive, safe, and clean laboratory vacuum try dryer. All the advantages of the patented VSD vacuum tray dryer with its GMP/FDA design are incorporated within the VSD-e.

Ygros Hygienic Check Valves

The need for cleaning and continuous maintenance of conventional non-return valves, (or check valves) is overcome by eliminating the root cause of problems; the spring! The YGROS Non-Return Valve, with magnetic technology, comprises of just two essential components - the valve body and the shutter, ensuring cleanliness and durability. We will have a wide range of YGROS Non-Return Valves on show.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand B60 in Hall 5, NEC, Birmingham.