PLANET LPI Series Tablet Laser Printing & Insection

Laser Printing onto Tablets 1 & Tablet Inspection
Laser Printing onto Tablets 1 & Tablet InspectionLaser Printing onto Tablets 2 & Tablet InspectionLaser Printing onto Tablets

UV Laser Printing of Tablets

Enclony's UV laser printing technology has been developed as a result of years of experience gained in high-speed precision inspection.  They have used this know-how of precisely tracing tablet/capsule shapes to develop their technology to apply highly accurate print marking to the tablet surface.  This innovative approach to tablet marking eliminates all the problems associated with traditional embossing via the tablet tool or from ink printing.  

The result is new possibilities for tablet/capsule marking, from medicine information, company branding and the application of QR codes.  The technology is available as either a stand-alone laser printing machine (PLANET LP) or in combination with full tablet inspection capability (PLANET LPI).  This highly innovative tablet printing technology is set to revolutionise tablet marking within the pharmaceutical market.

Advantages of Tablet UV Laser Printing

  • Non-contact printing on the tablet surface avoids tablet wear
  • Precision positioning of the tablet/capsule marking
  • The maximum surface of the tablet can be utilised for information marking
  • Distortion free marking, even on high convex tablet shapes
  • Fine sharp characters can be applied down to 10mm line thickness
  • High-speed printing, approximately 6 million characters per hour
  • Quick and easy development of marking templates
  • Simple and quick changeover of artwork, via the HMI

UV Laser Tablet Printing versus Ink Printing of Tablets

  • No printing material additives to validate and maintain quality control
  • The usual problems associated with ink printing are avoided, such as character loss, blurring, smudging and splatters
  • Avoids potential spillages of the ink medium
  • Avoids problems associated with the room environment such as temperature and humidity
  • No additional supply chain and storage requirements

UV Laser Tablet Printing versus Tablet Embossing

  • Significantly more information can be marked onto the tablet, including QR codes and branding
  • Remove common tabletting problems associated with tablet embossing, allowing tabletting speed to be increased and output improved
  • Remove common coating problems associated with embossed tablets

Advantages of 2-in-1 PLANET LPI

A combination of UV laser printing and vision inspection!

  • Reduction of production floor space required
  • Reduces costs in time, labour and space
  • Immediate detection of defective tablets/capsules
  • Single integrated HMI for printing and inspection

Principles of UV Laser Tablet Printing

When the UV laser hits the Titanium Dioxide on the tablet surface it removes the Oxygen atoms.  This change in ratio produces a change of colour in the Titianium Dioxide from white to grey, leaving a precise clear marking on the tablet.

No compromise of the tablet coating

The UV cold laser has an extremely gentle impact on the printed area so that the tablet coating is not compromised.  The UV laser power is fully adjustable to produce the optimal print quality without harming the coating layer.

Ultrafine and Detailed Printing

The UV Laser can mark ultrafine lines down to 10mm width, meaning that even the most complex marking can be printed onto the tablet.  It also means that the maximum surface area is available for printing, close to the edges and corners of the tablet. 

Generate Artwork via the HMI

The artwork can be easily developed on the HMI, allowing quick and simple development of the tablet marking.

Shape Tracing

The key to successful high-precision, high-speed UV laser printing is our shape tracing know-how.  A complex combination of shape recognition and precise motor movement allow a printing accuracy of ± 100mm along the XY axis and ± 1° in the rotational direction.  The accurate reading of the convex surface means even tablets with a deep convex can be printed without any distortion.

Integrated Control of Tablet Printing

One HMI controls all functions of the laser printing, vision inspection and machine operation.

Real Time Quality Control 

The printing quality of every single tablet is controlled is real time, including the print position, the print concentration as well as the vision inspection of the tablet.

High Speed Printing Technology

The high-speed print technology allows up to 6 million characters per hour to be printed, based on 1mm tall characters, ABC123.