The PuroGrab™ is an intelligently designed solution for clamping the PuroVaso® range of plastic pharma containers.  Both manual and mechanical handling considerations have been thoughtfully designed into a single handling solution for the PuroVaso® pharma container.  The PuroGrab™ has been designed to allow effortless handling of the PuroVaso® containers by allowing the container to be securely clamped, this makes it easier for lifting and docking. Precision through-holes allow the PuroGrab™ and its PuroVaso® container to be loaded onto a range of docking accessories, allowing simple integration with the process equipment.

  • Machined from high strength PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the inner section has precision machined profiles to match the clamping profiles of the PuroVaso® container.
  • A positive spring-loaded clamping system with locking knob ensures the container is securely fastened within the PuroGrab®
  • Profiled side handles allows the PuroGrab® to be easily turned over to allow the PuroVaso® pharma container to be docked and discharged.
  • The side handles include precision machined through-holes to allow the PuroGrab® to be loaded onto locating forks, allowing accurate mechanical alignment at docking points and on post hoists, pharma lifts and blending forks.