PCI Pharma Services, South Wales

Following a £3 million investment, PCI Pharma services opened its expanded facility in South Wales which allowed it to begin large-scale granulation and manufacture of tablets and capsules. This was in addition to the £14 million previously invested into a purpose-built contained manufacturing facility which opened in September 2013. This manufacturing unit was recently awarded the ‘ISPE 2014 Facility of the Year award for Facility Integration’.

Through both of these investment phases,PCI chose to partner with S3 Process, to help on the equipment selection and material handling solutions. The technical knowledge of the S3 team was very beneficial during the early stages of the project life cycle. Their solutions focus and flexibility around the customer requirements allowed PCI to deliver very short lead time projects on time and on budget.

Commenting on the project support from Steve Boswell and Duncan Betteley, Penn’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Dean-Netscher said:

"I would have no hesitation in recommending the S3 team as part of a solid dose or potent investment of this scale. They worked effectively with our subject matter experts and were part of the team and the success in receiving the ISPE facility of the Year recognition"

Mark Dean-Netscher, Chief Operating Officer, Penn Pharma


"Over the past few years of working with S3 on different projects, I have found their biggest positive to be their ‘business agility’. By that, I mean that they have been very responsive to the changing demands of my company, have used their broad process knowledge to propose several different options to a given request, and have imparted the right level of customer service and support to enable us to drive projects through to fruition."

Paul Trusty, Senior Technical Director, GSK

Aesica, Queenborough

"S3 came up with a highly technical, yet practical solution for the critical powder transfer operations, the most hazardous part of the project design. This included significant collaboration with other contractors and Aesica Engineers in the project team."

Mike Battrum, Head of Engineering, Aesica

Client in Newcastle

"S3 process are highly knowledgeable in all areas associated with the control and use of pharmaceutical equipment.  A significant strength is their understanding of the whole process and not just the specific equipment they are representing. This allows an integrated solution to be developed maximising the capability of the equipment.  They demonstrate an excellent after sales support service where your issue is their issue and they work together to ensure a speedy resolution."

Gordon Prudhoe, Manufacturing Manager