UT Circulating Air Drying Oven


Drying, heating, tempering, sterilizing

For products that are not suitable for vacuum drying, PiNK® have a complete range of circulating air ovens. The circulating air ovens can be used for heating, tempering and sterilizing under atmosphere. Loading can be via a charging cart for efficient production cycle applications. All models are available in zone 1 explosion-proof versions.

  • Circulating air drying ovens (e.g., barrel heating ovens)
  • Circulating air tempering ovens (including gas-tight versions)
  • Clean-room drying ovens for drying to high clean-room standards
  • Sterilizers
  • Clean-room sterilizers for high clean-room standards

Options for the UT Circulating Air Drying Oven

  • Loading with charging and support cart
  • Standard and pharmaceutical charging trays
  • Gas-tight version
  • Operating chamber to GMP standards
  • With recessed floor rails for ground-level entrance
  • Reinforced chamber floor for heavier loads
  • Fresh-air circulation control via vapour solvent concentration
  • Moisture measurement and control
  • Oxygen concentration monitoring