VSD High Containment Vacuum Drying Oven


High Containment Vacuum Tray Dryer with Isolator

The patented VSD vacuum drying ovens can be combined with an isolator for the vacuum drying for high containment applications line drying highly toxic and/or very sensitive products.

Features of the High Containment Vacuum Tray Dryer

  • Vacuum drying oven doors swing open upward or sideways.
  • Circular or oval glove ports in various sizes and numbers.
  • Vacuum drying oven with special door design for ergonomic working within the isolator. The door turns 180°, are easy to clean with visual inspection to front and rear.
  • Ceiling mounted lighting
  • A wide variety of options for product entry, such as RTPs, sluices and endless hose systems
  • Filtration system for incoming / outgoing air including pressure control, and filter removal from inside the isolator
  • Filter system upstream of the vacuum connectors in order to protect the vacuum system from contamination, complete with filter removal from inside the isolator

High Containment Vacuum Tray Dryer with pressure nutsch

Another intelligent combination option available from PiNK® is a high containment vacuum drying oven and pressure nutsch all integrated into a single system. This allows liquid products to be pre-filtered prior to the actual drying process for an optimized operating cycle. For applications in which the product is filled and filtered outside the isolator, PiNK® has developed a mobile pressure nutsch for contamination-free docking.