MACRO-PACTOR® Roller Compactor


Advanced Dry Granulation Technology

The MACRO-PACTOR® is the premium Gerteis® roller compactor with output capacity of up to 400kg per hour. However, as a fully continuous granulation process, amounts from as little of 100g can also be dry granulated, making the MACRO-PACTOR® suitable for development and pilot scale environments. Complete harmonisation with the other roller compactors within the PACTOR® range is assured with identical roller diameters. The result is that scale-up is straightforward, avoiding common problems associated with batch based processes, reducing material and API costs, and saving time to get the product to market quicker.

Unique Gerteis® Roller Compaction features

  • Consistent feed system to the rollers with torque control of the screw feeder and tamp auger to ensure precision dosing of powder
  • Angled compaction rollers to allow feed consistency, constant ribbon density and to minimise temperature gain.
  • Free floating gap design and in-process force control producing a constant density ribbon
    Large diameter rollers to produce a longer dwell time in the nip area.
  • Superior punch & die roller design to provide a constant density over the ribbon width and to virtually eliminate fines (no recirculation required!)
  • Three stage milling process with the granulating oscillating mill with adjustable screen clearance, to produce a consistent and controllable particle size distribution.
  • Full instrumentation with critical quality process parameter data-acquisition
  • Full machine calibration
  • Standard containment performance of 3 µg/m³ Time Weighted Average

MACRO-PACTOR® Roller Compactor Options

  • WIP/CIP cleaning,
  • Enhanced containment performance
  • Build in PAT control systems
  • Press roller cooling/heating
  • Vacuum de-aeration.
  • Different roller surface designs
  • Separate feed funnel for small quantities.
  • Industrial PC solutions