MINI-POLYGRAN® Laboratory R&D Roller Compactor


The Compact Small Scale Roller Compactor for Research & Development

The MINI-POLYGRAN® R&D roller compactor is Gerteis’s most compact roller compactor in their product range. 

The lower compression roller is interchangeable with the unique Gerteis granulating mill.  Product is fed into the rollers to produce the product ribbon, with the ribbons collected in a receiving container or in Hicoflex® flexible containment bag.  The lower roller and the feeding augers are then simply and quickly removed and replaced with the granulator mill, and the ribbons and then discharged into the machine inlet and the resulting granules collected. This intelligent design easily allows the roller compactor to be used in a bench-scale environment.  And with many of the unique roller compactor technologies of the PACTOR® range included, the MINI-POLYGRAN® offers an outstanding opportunity to successfully develop dry granulation formulas with excellent dry granulation results assured.  With a capacity of 10g upto 20 kg per hour, the MINI-POLYGRAN® is the perfect dry granulation development roller compactor.

With the new MINI-POLYGRAN® and MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS, Gerties® have once again set the industry standard for laboratory scale dry granulation technology.

MINI-POLYGRAN® R&D Roller Compactor features

  • Unique feeding system guarantees a constant powder feed to the rollers
  • Optional small quantity feed system
  • Validated force and gap measurement
  • Longer dwell times compared with other R&D Roller Compactors, thanks to the larger roller diameter.
  • A range of different roller surfaces are available to optimise your process.
  • Constant product quality and properties
  • Virtual no heat gain with the Gerteis® patented angled roller design.
  • Compact design for laboratory environment
  • Easy scale-up to the POLYGRAN® and PACTOR® lines
  • Reduced number of parts for quick changeover and simple cleaning procedures