MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS Laboratory R&D Roller Compactor


The Small Scale Roller Compactor for Research & Development

The MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS R&D roller compactor combines Gerteis’ technologically advanced roller compaction technology and the compact design of the MINI-POLYGRAN®, with a fully integrated granulation mill. 

With many of the unique roller compactor technologies of the PACTOR® range included, the MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS offers an outstanding opportunity to successfully develop dry granulation formulas with excellent dry granulation results assured.  With a capacity of 10g upto 40 kg per hour, the MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS is the essential dry granulation development roller compactor.

With advanced sealing designs, combined with market leading Buck® Valve split butterfly valves or HicoflexÒ flexible containment, potent products can be processed without worry of operator exposure.

With the new MINI-POLYGRAN® and MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS, Gerties® have once again set the industry standard for laboratory scale dry granulation technology.

MINI-POLYGRAN® PLUS R&D Roller Compactor features

  • Unique feeding system guarantees a constant powder feed to the rollers
  • Integrated two-step granulation system
  • Advanced sealing system for higher product containment
  • Optional small quantity feed system
  • Optional Wash-in-Place design
  • Validated force and gap measurement
  • Longer dwell times compared with other R&D Roller Compactors, thanks to the larger roller diameter.
  • A range of different roller surfaces are available to optimise your process.
  • Constant product quality and properties
  • Virtual no heat gain with the Gerteis® patented angled roller design.
  • Compact design for laboratory environment
  • Easy scale-up to the POLYGRAN® and PACTOR® lines
  • Reduced number of parts for quick changeover and simple cleaning procedures