Müller—Materials Handling

IBC Wash Station


IBC Wash Stations for complete IBC Cleaning-in-Place (CIP)

The PCC range of IBC Wash Stations allows for both internal and external surface cleaning of the IBC. 

IBC Wash Station in full Hygienic Design

The Müller Cleaning IBC Wash Stations are designed to the highest quality and with the highest GMP finish. 

The internal surfaces of the IBC Wash Station are finished to a mirror finish.   The IBC Wash Booths are all designed with 1" Ø radius corners and sloped bottom and top surfaces, this ensure full cleaning of the booth itself.

The toughened double safety glass doors provides with air-tight inflatable seals provides a GMP design as well as full visualisation of the IBC Washing process.

Compact IBC Washing Station

The IBC Wash Station is designed with a compact onboard CIP Skid (valves, pump, heat exchanger and detergent dosing) an onboard Air Handling Unit (AHU) for deliverying hot filtered drying air and  onboard control system. 

This allows the complete IBC Wash Station to be tested in the factory before arrival onsite and delivered in one section.  Installation of the IBC Wash Station is straightforward and quick, and because the IBC Washing Station has been fully tested, the onsite start-up and commissioning time and costs are significantly reduced.