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Stainless Steel Drum Cones


Stainless Steel Discharge Cones for Drums

Muller Drum Cones are specially designed for easy dust-free discharge of a drums contents.  The drums cones are manually fitted to the stainless steel drum in place the drum lid and secfed in place with a clamp.  The stainless steel drum and its discharge cone can then be lifted and inverted for discharging.

  • Hoppers with either bolted or tri-clamp flanges or fitted with a butterfly valve
  • To suite all of Muller's Lidded Drums from Ø170mm to Ø800mm
  • Symmetric with 60° or 90° discharge angle (special angles are available upon request)
  • Non-Symmetric for space saving applications
  • Special designs for fibre-drums or plastic drums
  • Options for vibrators, bag-retaining rod, pick-up tubes, handles abd rotary hook/agitator
  • Constructed in AISI 316 (other stainless grades AISI 304, AISI 321, AISI 316L and 315Ti grades, as well as Hastelloy and special materials available uponw request)
  • 320 grit polished finish for optimum product discharge
  • Optional Electropolish finish, and Halar or PTFE coatings