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Total Containment (TC) Split Butterfly Valves


Total Containment of Hazardous Powders

The Buck® TC Split Butterfly Valve (Total Containment) offers the highest possible containment performance from any split butterfly valve on the market. Nanogram level performance, that is undetectable to the air samplers used in the ISPE SMEPAC testing!

The Buck® TC Split Butterfly Valve removes the need for more expensive isolators that would otherwise need to be built around process equipment, that are difficult for the operators to work with. By containing the potent product at source rather than accepting open transfers, users will actually reduce running costs over time by eliminating the cost of expensive PPE, safe-change filters and cleaning of rooms and equipment. And with the main priority of any employer to protect their operators, PPE can be avoided, thus eliminating risk of exposure from remaining product residues on the surface of PPE, suite damage or leaking filters.

The Buck® TC Split Butterfly Valve is used extensively in API manufacturing and Biotech facilities where smaller quantities of pure API need to be handled in a safe way.

The Buck® TC Split Butterfly Valve incorporates an enhanced design of locking housing on the Active valve half, fully sealing in the Passive half. This allows the introduction of a liquid cleaning media - either aqueous or solvent based - to clean between the valve body seals followed by a drying cycle. Cleaning is performed both before and after powder transfers, to prevent any cross contamination of the environment into the process, the preventing the process from contaminating the environment - Total Containment!

Features of the Total Containment Split Butterfly Valve

  • solvent resistant seals
  • solvent resistant coating
  • pressure rated active valves
  • suitable for CIP
  • active discs with integral sight glass
  • sterile application

Available in sizes from 50mm up to 150mm diameter.