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FreDrive ConiWitt Conical Sieve Mills


FreDrive ConiWitt Conical Screen Mills

The ConiWitt Conical Mill from Frewitt offers a comprehensive new design of conical mill which offers considerable improvements in efficiency for sizing and de-agglomerating bulk materials.  The ConiWitt sets new standards for conical screen mills, with greater modularity, faster changeover and simpler maintenance, resulting in a higher performance for a lower cost.

Advantages of the ConiWitt Cone Mill

  • High throughput; the large active sieve surface results in a significant improvement in flow rates, exceeding comparible mills by as much as 25%
  • Minimal moving parts; with ingenious use of tri-clamp connections, the light weight milling head can be removed from the shaft quickly and easily.  The lip seal can be changed in only 15 minutes without opening the gearbox!
  • Ultra Hygienic; fast and simple cleaning and minimal maintenance provides optimum operational availability to minimise operating costs.  Naturally, the ConiWitt is suitable for Cleaning in Place (CIP)
  • Compact design to minimise space requirements. The milling heads of the ConiWitt 150 and the ConiWitt 200 are fully interchangeable.  In addition, the rotary sieving head of the TurboWitt can also be intgerchanged.

The ConiWitt Cone Mill is available in three sizes - the ConiWitt 150, 200 and 250.  The Conical Mills can be operated as a stand-alone system or it can be easily integrated within other processing lines, and is available with a pivotable arm for extra flexibility.

Operating Principle of the ConiWitt Cone Mill

The ConiWitt Cone Mill comprises of a Milling Head, and Conical Sieve and a Rotar.  The high speed rotary motion of rotor causes centrifugal forces to push the product through the holes of the sieve.  The precise apertures of the sieve prevent any material from passing until the product has reduced to the require particle size.