Frewitt—Milling & Sieving

Frewitt Flexmill Lab


Frewitt’s FlexMill-Lab offers the ideal solution for R&D labs who need a flexible milling machine.  The FlexMill-Lab is revolutionary, with six, inter-changeable milling processes available for one single machine. This system enables users to quickly and efficiently alternate between different milling processes by simply replacing the heads.

FlexMill-Lab offers unequalled, process scale-up enhancement, allowing for batches of 50 g to 1 kg for small-scale, laboratory applications while ensuring the flexibility of a 30-50 kg/hr light production rate for pilot-scale quantities. Most important, FlexMill-Lab guarantees true scale-up from lab size batches to pilot-scale, as well as to high-volume industrial production levels.

The sixth and latest milling process, the FlexMill-NW, is a high-performance bead mill on our FlexMill-Lab platform, which enables wet nano-milling down to 50nm, offering customers an additional dimension to particle size reduction.

To increase your processing goals, contact @duncanbetteley or @sboswell for more information on Frewitt and their world leading powder size reduction technologies.