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FreDrive HammerWitt Hammer Mill


FreDrive HammerWitt Hammer Mill

GMP fine milling for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food industries

The HammerWitt Lab and the Hammer Mills from Frewitt deliver the optimum crushing results at an excellent throughput for pharmaceutcial products, chemicals and food ingredients.  The Hammer Mill produces very fine particles (<0.2mm), and is particually suited for milling hard cyrstalline or fibrous products.

Size reduction occurs with the impact of the high speed rotating 'hammers' on the product as it enters the milling chamber.  Depening on the final PSD requirements, different screens and perforated plates are available.

The hammer mill's rotor can be reversed, enabling products to be crushed.  The hammer mill's rotor blades can be interchanged to allow for a hammer impact or for a cutting impact against the knife side.

Advantages of the FreDrive HammerWitt Hammer Mill

  • The rotor drive is via a single bearing, which mimnimises heat build during the process.  A cooling system is available upon request.
  • The milling chamber is a seamless monobloc design for the ultimate GMP construction.  There are no crevices or dead spaces that may risk cross contamination, and allows the Hammer Mill to be Cleaned-in-Place.
  • Simple and fast change out of the rotor and sieve thanks to the front door access.
  • Operator-friendly control panel for accurate dosing control and rotor speed control.
  • Suitable for high-containment applications thanks to the total sealing of the dosing equipment and the milling chamber.

Operating Principle of the FreDrive HammerWitt Hammer Mill

The Hammer Mill milling head is made up of the following modules:

  • Rotory Paddle Feeder
  • Milling Chamber

The product is pulverised on impact with the Hammer Mill's high speed rotating blades, and crushed through the screen at the outlet of milling chamber.