O'Hara Technologies—Tablet Coating

Fastcoat™ ‘M’ Modular Production Batch Tablet Coater


Modular Product Scale Tablet Coater - Fast Delivery, Fast Installation for a smart price

The FastcoatM tablet coater product line offers  self-contained modular tablet coating systems with advanced engineering and integrated technology.  The Air Handling Unit and Control System are an integral part of the Tablet Coater.  This intelligent design allows for factory set up of the tablet coatng system, to reduce installation and commissioning times and therefore costs.  the modular design allows for reduced lead times at a lower price, without compromsing the O'Hara tablet coating process.

'Fastcoat M' Tablet Coater Features

  • Built-in air-handling module 
  • Control system module
  • Anti-bearding spray nozzles
  • Aqueous and solvent designs
  • Automated and manual control
  • 300 mm (12”) color touch screen
  • Test facilities available
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • Superior bottom discharge

'Fastcoat M' Tablet Coater Benefits

  • Minimum GMP space requirement 
  • Minimum installation required
  • Reduced site engineering
  • Minimum material handling
  • Trouble-free operations
  • Cost-effective validation