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Fastcoat™ Continuous Tablet Coater


"Fastcoat™" Batch / Continuous Tablet Coater  - the fastest way to reduce your cost of tablets

O’Hara is the market leader in high-speed continuous tablet coating. The product line of continuous tablet coaters significantly shortens production cycle times and improves productivity. Studies show that due to a shallower tablet bed, a larger number of spray guns and a faster coating in our Fastcoat™ Continuous system, there is a noticeable improvement of coating uniformity. O'Hara Fastcoat™ Continuous tablet coater is revolutionising the tablet coating process in medium and high-volume applications.

The Fastcoat™ Continuous Tablet Coater can be run in batch mode.  With a significantly reduced tablet bed depth, coating times are significantly reduce to less than 15 minutes.

O’Hara’s FCC1200 is the largest and most efficient tablet coating machine in the pharmaceutical field.

"Fastcoat™" Continuous Tablet Coater Features

  • Zero wastage
  • Wash in place
  • Anti-bearding spray nozzles
  • Flexible feed rate, air volume
  • Adjustable tablet bed depth
  • Precision airflow tuning
  • PCA manifold upgrade
  • Precision sanitary lobe pump
  • 316 L Product contact material

"Fastcoat™" Continuous Tablet Coater Benefits

  • Quicker coating process throughput
  • Improved coating uniformity
  • Advanced user friendly controls
  • Easy to clean/water tight