Cosmo Tablet Printer


The Cosmo Laser Printing and Vision Inspection system for Tablets & Capsules is a state of the art machine designed for clean, sharp printing onto tablets and capsules.

Tablet Marking

The Cosmo Tablet Printer utilises a flexible design when approaching tablet marking. It can print alphabet, numbers, symbols, and even complicated graphics such as Chinese characters. To accommodate this it ensures a rapid format part changeover, which can be done in 5 minutes. All parameters for the print can be saved as a recipe, and selected for further batches of different products, which require tablet printing. 

Laser Tablet Printing

With it’s clean design for laser tablet printing there is no ink or print pad required, therefore ensuring no mess on equipment, and no consumables necessary. This saves inventory costs and allows for high quality printing without the issues of incomplete prints, double stamping, ink spots or ink drops.

The machine’s tablet printing process uses cold UV lasers to print without affecting the tablet. There is also a built in inspection system using 3D and 2D colour cameras, to automatically separate out the defective tablets from the good tablets.


  • Output maximum of 600,000 tablets per hour (is subject to vary depending on print design and tablet characteristics – size, shape, surface, etc.)
  • Handles round tablets of 5mm – 12mm
  • Handles oblong and oval tablets of 10 – 20mm
  • Handles hard gelatine capsules of capsule number 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • 3D Cameras capable of inspecting 30 μm height resolution and 40 μm area resolution
  • 2D Cameras capable of inspecting print defects and tablet defects
  • Auxiliaries include a Vacuum Unit, UPS and Chiler Unit