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Modul™ Fast Changeover Tablet Press


The Fast Changeover Containment Tablet Compression

The ModulTM high containment tablet press range is based on the patented "Exchangeable Compression Module" or ECM, a completely enclosed compression zone within the tablet press that contains all product parts, the turret, punches & dies and isolates the rest of the tablet press from the product.
The ModulTM has its origins with the need to handle and contain extremely potent tablets that increasingly need to be produced within the pharmaceutical industry. Courtoy's very first high containment tablet press, supplied to Janssen's pilot plant facility in Belgium, saw its R190 press supplied completely enclosed within a glovebox isolator. While meeting the demands to contain the potent tablets being compressed and protecting operators, enclosing the tablet press within an isolator made it extremely difficult for operators to work with and made changeover and cleaning a difficult and lengthy task. Enclosing the tablet press within an isolator remains the solution for many press manufacturers, however Courtoy have revolutionised the high containment tablet press market with their unique ECM. Containment performance of the ModulTM is down to less that 1 µg/m³ (with the HC-ECM) during production campaigns within the completely enclosed tablet compression zone of the ECM and with contained loading and unloading methods (for example, using Buck® Split Butterfly Valve or the HicoflexTM Disposable Containment System)

Fastest Tablet Press Cleaning

The next challenge came with the tablet press cleaning. In order to make the tablet press safe for operators to disassemble the punches and dies from the turret for cleaning, all these format parts need to be wet down in order to reduce air-borne particles and reduce the risk to the operator of inhaling any potent powders. By enclosing the moving product contact parts within the ECM, the rest of the press is isolated from the product, meaning only the ECM needs cleaning. The ECM can be quickly and easily removed from the rest of the tablet press and washed off-line, with the WOL-ECM designed for wash down without opening up the ECM and compromising the containment of the tablet press. A second cleaned and prepared ECM can then loaded back into the tablet press, allowing the tablet press to be back in production within only a few hours. Whilst conventional WIP tablet presses can take over a shift for the complete press to be washed down before the operator can access the press for full cleaning, the ModulTM high containment tablet press is operational and producing tablets, and earning your company money.

Fastest Tablet Press Changeover

The revolutionary ECM concept, with its fast change-over between products, allows for a reduction in investment for many tabletting plants. Whilst investing in conventional tablet press technology could require buying two tablet presses, just one ModulTM tablet press purchased with two ECMs allowing for fast changeover could produce the same tablet output.

Fastest Return on Investment Tablet Press

The minimal downtime with the ECM concept combined with the higher tablet output and better yield with Courtoy's unique compression cycle means the return of the investment is realised faster with a Courtoy tablet press than any other tablet press on the market.