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Performa™ Tablet Press


The highest output Tablet Press

The PerformaTM tablet press range is the latest addition to the Courtoy tablet press family, building upon the extremely successful ModulTM high containment tablet press platform.  The PerformaTM tablet press range brings to the compression market several new design features designed to further increase tablet productivity and performance.

With a larger pitch diameter compared with other presses on the same footprint, in combination with Courtoy's innovative "Die Shell" approach, the number of punch positions on the turret has been significantly increased, resulting in a higher instantaneous tablet output - up to 50% improvement!

Tablet Press Die Shells and the Exchangeable Die Disc

Die Shells are offered as an alternative to conventional die and die lock screw. Easier and quicker to fit into the die disc to save time, the positioning of the Die Shells is highly repeatable, reducing the risk of tablet press tool damage. The simple design of the die shells means that tooling costs are much lower compared with conventional die tooling. Maintenance and repair costs are lower, because if one die opening is damaged, only one Die Shell needs to be replaced.
The other significant break-through with the PerformaTM range has come with the Exchangeable Die Disc, allowing the exchange of all punches and dies in less than 30 minutes - both for round or shaped tablets. A duplicate EDD allows off-line fitting and locking of die shells producing the fast and easy format change-over. This is possible without duplication of the entire turret, only the EDD needs to be exchanged, reducing investment costs.

Maximising your tablet press investment

With the highest tablet output possible due to increased punch positions, reduced tooling costs with the Die Shell approach, fast tablet format change-over with the Exchangeable Die Disc, all combined with Courtoy's unique tablet compression cycle producing faster running speeds and better yield, the PerformaTM tablet press range allows the tablet manufacturer to meet their most important objective to reduce their cost per tablet and increase profitability.