GEA - Courtoy—Tabletting

Performa Lite Tablet Press


The Performa Lite is Courtoy's most economic tablet press ever, incorporating many of Courtoy's proven technologies that allow for faster output of quality in-specification tablets.

Performa Lite Tablet Press features

  • Air-Compensator at the pre-compression roller for extended dwell time, reducing risk of capping and lamination and allowing for faster running speeds.
  • Automatic tablet weight control, including rejection of out of tolerance tablets
  • Automatic tablet sampling and weight correction at adjustable intervals
  • Double paddle feeder with 2 independent drive motors
  • Hard chromium coated die table
  • Electromagnetic valve in the tablet chute for automatic or manual tablet sampling
  • Automatic & adjustable punch lubrication based on oil mist system
  • Identification of bad punch
  • Bottom and top punch tightness detectors
  • Tablet and time counters
  • Prewired for connection with automatic tablet checking
  • Prewired for connection of tablet de-duster and metal checker
  • Optional modem for remote diagnostics
  • Maximum accessibility with 4 sprung loaded doors
  • Quick and easy turret exchange with optional machine incorporated hoisting arm.

The Performa Lite is built to the same highest quality standard that you would expect from any other tablet press from the Courtoy range. The machine frame is made of heavy cast iron parts for maximum absorption of vibrations. The turret is made of extremely strong forged steel and in entirely nickel coated. The die table's working surface has a chrome finish for optimal protection. The upper punch guide bushes with key ways for shaped tooling.

Everything you would expect from a Courtoy tablet press at an economic price level. High quality, high output tabletting has never been this affordable!