Planet Tablet and Capsule Inspection Machine


The Planet 3D Image Tablet and Capsule Inspection machine utilises state of the art technologies in order to inspect and sort tablets or capsules, determining whether they are good, un-rejected or defective.

3D Image Tablet Inspection Machine

The Planet Tablet and Capsule Inspection Machine can be configured for detailed high speed Tablet Inspection, making use of eight 2D cameras, and two 3D Cameras to produce high quality images of any tablet passed through. The 2D cameras produce images for 360º viewing of the tablet, ensuring there are no blind spots for any tablet shape while inspecting. The 3D cameras inspect for chips, breaks or engraving flaws on the tablet’s surface.

High Speed Capsule Inspection Machine

The Planet Tablet Camera Inspection Machine can also be configured for high speed Capsule Inspection. It uses eleven 2D Colour cameras to inspect each capsule. The ends of the capsule are checked using 4 cameras, while another six cameras produce a 360º view of the cylindrical part of the capsule, which are combined and made into a banded image using an image reformation algorithm, allowing for detailed image analysis, inspect each capsule. An infrared camera also checks for empty capsules.

The 3D image tablet inspection machine is designed to be ergonomic and easy to use and configure. The shape of the machine, and the wide opening doors allows for an ease of dismantling for cleaning or job change over. This process can be done in less than an hour, and it does not require any tooling.

Features include:

  • Output of up to 350,000 tablets/hour 
  • Output of up to 150,000 capsules/hour
  • Can inspect any shape/size/colour tablet or capsule
  • Jam-free product sorting
  • Highly efficient dust extraction system
  • Up to 15 2D/3D inspection cameras
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly design
  • Less than 1 hour cleaning parts changeover
  • 30 minute new product parameter setting
  • User-friendly HMI control system

With its array of specialist features, and its versatility in accommodating all types of tablets and capsules within the normal range, the Planet 4.8 is a very useful tool when checking the quality of your batches.