TVIS-AL-M6 Tablet Video Inspection System


TVIS-AL-M6 Tablet Inspection System is VISWELL's highest performance video inspection system both for the greatest accuracy and providing the highest throughput of upto 480,000 tablets per hout. The TVIS-AL-M6 is fitted with a new 3D laser technology for Emboss inspection

TVIS-AL-M6 Tablet Video Inspection System Features

  • Up to 480,000 tablets per hour
  • 50µm resolution
  • 4 line inspection system
  • 12 cameras - 2 x 4 face cameras plus 2 side cameras
  • Digital monochrome CCD line cameras
  • All tablet surfaces are inspected in a single pass
  • Assisted off-line and on-line method for set-up of inspection
  • Emboss inspection