GEA - Collette—Mixing & Blending

UltimaGral High-Shear Mixers


Smart plant design

The UltimaGral™ is a ‘through-the-wall’ design that offers the best option in terms of cleanliness, maintenance and explosion protection.  The UltimaGral™ can be equipped with a ‘Movable Head’ to allow operators to lower the closed bowl to enable better accessibility and easy loading.

Binder solution addition

Binder addition is one of the critical phases determining product quality within a wet granulation process. A range of binder addition systems are available to give the optimum binder liquid droplet size.

Process Control and Monitoring 

A range of control systems for maximum level of flexibility and functionality for process visualisation, automation and data recording are available, including torque control for end point determination.  

PAT Integration, combining process monitoring using online analysers with solid process engineering principles and advanced process modelling techniques, enable processes to be actively controlled in order to compensate for minor input variations in raw materials and environment conditions so that the specifications for the final product will be closer to the ideal target.

Collette UltimaGral™ product range:

Development: UltimaGral™ 10/25, batches 1-9kg
Pilot Scale: UltimaGral™ 75/150, batches 10-50kg
Production Scale: UltimaGral™ 300 to 1500, batches 50-550kg